General Information

The Course, which will be held in English, is aimed at training personnel with specific methodological and procedural skills relating to the following topics:

  • quality assurance and metrological traceability of chemical and biological measurements in assessing the quality, safety and authenticity of food;
  • quality control to support the reliability of measurements for food analysis, Proficiency Testing and the role of the National Metrology Institutes;
  • method validation and measurement uncertainty;
  • reference materials and their role in food analysis to establish traceability and comparability of measurement results;
  • metrology and standardization of nanomaterials for the food industry and European regulations

The Course duration is 18 hours and will be held in online mode.

The Course will be held in blended mode, i.e. integrating face-to-face and remote activities.


At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued.